1. What is Pulse Healthcare Services Services?

Pulse Healthcare Services is a cloud based telemedicine platform which aims to revolutionize the healthcare system in Bangladesh . This software seamlessly allows patients access to virtual wellness. It integrates effortlessly into clinical workflows of life science professionals to facilitate remote free-flow of communication between health care practitioners and patients. The cloud based platform, enables live video , audio consultation between patients and doctors in Bangladesh /abroad  , online appointment setting and fully encrypted medical record sharing possibilities .

2. How does it work?

Pulse Healthcare Services can be accessed from anywhere across all types of mobile devices – smartphone, tablet, and desktop or laptop computer. For acute-care needs, providers can be accessed for on-demand visits. For follow-up, specialist care, scheduled visits are also available. Video-based telehealth enables a two-way, face-to-face conversation between the patient and provider that allows you to see the patient and guide them through a physical examination, as well as see elements of their environment for more informed decision-making.

3.  Will my data be secure?

Yes! Pulse Healthcare Services Services uses state of the art of security to ensure 128 bit encrypted end to end communication between doctor and patient. We offer the same security that banks use. The platform itself is HIPAA compliant and has certifications which include ISO 27001,  SOC 1 & SOC 2, SSAE 16 Type II, ISAE 3402, PCI DSS, FISMA &.

4.  For Doctor: How do I examine a patient?

While telehealth is a different modality and type of visit, we find that doctors very quickly adapt to a telehealth examination. For one, when evaluating a patient, the provider uses the same skills as they would in person . While there are limitations relative to an in-person visit, a live video based visit is more robust than a phone call or any communication. At a high level, there are a few key factors when conducting a live telehealth video visit: taking a good history; assessing the overall appearance of the patient – including mental status, pain level, and toxic or ill appearance; and whether or not the patient might need in-person care. An added benefit to examination over telehealth is that the provider can gain information from the home that would not have been available in a clinical setting. Patients are generally comfortable in their home and often open up more.


5. Why should a doctor use Pulse Healthcare Services?

- Additional revenue at NO cost

- Improved clinical practice workflow

- Increased productivity

- Flexibility to work from anyplace

- Control over scheduling

- Easier time management to fit doctors’ & patients’ needs

- Improved quality and completeness of records with auditing mechanisms for a consistent level of quality and service

- Reduced time spent on administration including paperwork, claims filing and payment processing

- Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction


6. How long will it take to register in the platform?

It takes about 10 minutes to register with complete information


7. Who are the partners of Pulse Healthcare Services?

Bangladesh Diabetic Association

Athena Limited

Praava Limited

SSL Wireless (payment gateway)



8. What are the charges for using Pulse Healthcare Services?

Registration into the platform is free of charge for both doctors & patients


9. Who can register into the platform?

Any doctor registered by BMDC

Patients above 18 years of age


10. How do patients make payments?

Patients can make payments by account transfers (online banking), credit/debit cards or any mobile wallet (bKash, Rocket etc.)


11. How much is the fee set for doctors to charge?

The fees charged by a doctor is at the discretion of a doctor.


12. How will a doctor receive the consultation fees?

Doctors can receive accumulated consultation fees through his/her bank account or bKash mobile wallet.


13. Can patients outside Bangladesh consult Bangladeshi doctors over Pulse Healthcare Services?

Yes, it is a global platform, anyone with access to internet can register and use Pulse Healthcare Services


14. What are the requirements to use Pulse Healthcare Services?

For Doctors:

Smartphone or Tab (Android or iOS) or Computer with webcam

Internet connectivity (3G, Wifi or LAN)

Softcopy of NID or Passport

BMDC registration no & softcopy

Bank account details (bank name, account no, BEFTN no) / mobile wallet


For Patients:

Smartphone or Tab (Android or iOS) or Computer with webcam

Internet connectivity (3G, Wifi or LAN)

Debit/credit cards/online account/mobile wallet  to account transfer/mobile wallet